did you know that we have a boozelopnik forum? I did (then again, i made it). Feel free to add more things to it. im basically going to be using it to record my experiences with infusing vodka (most of the recording happens while im drinking, go figure)

Im posting here because im drinking my booze, so i fell like sharing. Homemade strawberry Infused Vodka. which looks really red until you put it next to raspberry infusions and then it looks orange. no matter, pink lemonade+ strawberry vodka = delicious= me, drunk. weeeeee! no seriously though, this shit is amazing

something i can heartily thank Forza Horizon for is an introduction to the band Miike Snow. their song in Horizon, Paddling Out is great. on a whim, i checked out some of their other stuff on Spotify. now i can't stop listening to their first album. seriously, some really great stuff (in my opinion at least). Black &…


hey oppo, haven't had a chance to be on much lately, but felt like sharing an incident from yesterday. driving along in Christmas traffic (stop and go through a couple of lights), hear a little tire screech from a few cars in front, quickly tap my brakes and don't hit the car in front of me. Then i hear a *chunk* from…

I've had a fun day. started with 2 little bits of accidental oppositelock in the snow cause my town chose not to plow (maybe 1.5" total) and a little in some mud that was deeper than it looked (rwd ranger + empty bed = little traction).